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Success Stories


gala embajadores 2016Challenge met one more year. The guestsattended with a fully preconceived idea of the venue, its access andpossibilities. However, they discovered a magical nook unknown to them. Andthey moved from one surprise to the next, starting at the entrance to a complexwhere they thought they had seen everything. A staging which also served tomake known the name of this new offer of events in the city.
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ecm 2015 casos exito

Welcome dinner for the ECM Spring Meeting 2015.
In a matchless venue in Spain, a trip to the past provides the thread to a different and exclusive visit. A series of simple circumstances before arriving at the surprise ending: dinner. A veritable experience culminating in dinner in a simply enchanting setting.
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Gijón Ambassadors Gala 2015

gala embajadores 2015
Or how to, once again, amaze all those guests who every year hope to be inspired by this event: by transforming a well-known venue to most people, seasoning it up with professionalism, a pinch of creativity and a few drops of fine taste and only limited resources. A low cost meeting that was a great success; and where the audience could actively contribute towards and enjoy the event.
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premios impulsa 2015

Annual gathering of Asturian entrepreneurs to reward the best and most innovative initiatives. The venue chosen for the 2015 edition was the Theatre in the Laboral, City of Culture. It was organized by Mglab, a communications and event management agency.
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