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"Ambassadors" Programme

foto grupo embajadores

Gijón would not be a meeting destination without the engagement and collaboration of the city’s professionals, researchers, teaching professionals and entrepreneurs, who have proposed it as a venue for national and international meetings. Their professional, scientific and academic prestige has been a key factor in making the associations they belong to decide to bring their annual meetings to our city.

Their commitment when calling and organizing meetings opens up exchange possibilities for research, for the start-up of new projects.
It increases the prestige of the entity they work for.
It projects the intellectual, scientific and entrepreneurial capital that we have in Asturias – and which they form a key part of – towards the citizenship.
It contributes to the economic development of Gijon and to its international outreach in very different fields.

Gijón ambassadors are a select group of these professionals who have contributed largely to the positioning of Gijón as a meeting destination. Local tourist businesses, the Convention Bureau members, propose one of these people every year to be distinguished as a Gijón Ambassador. They symbolize, in one person, the city’s gratitude for the work and commitment of those who, in addition to their every day work, make the effort to organize a professional meeting. In 2004 alone, when the award was created, three outstanding professionals were given the award to acknowledge, not only the merits of those who were organizing meetings at that time but also those who had been pioneers in their commitment to the city, even before it had the professional infrastructures that are in place since the beginning of this century. Some are there and some are not, but they are all equally important.

To help Gijón and Asturian professionals become the next city Ambassadors, Gijón Convention Bureau places several free services at their disposal.